You may notice that the media has quickly gone quiet about this matter.  Ask yourself why.  I will certainly not go quiet on this matter and hope you will join me and put pressure on Government to become

 In my opinion any Prime Minister or President of a country who supports Live Export is not mentally suited to such a role demonstrating an uncaring nature, therefore with ulterior motives
for a leadership role.

Farmers who also support  Live Export are certainly not mentally suited to the role of farming, again demonstrating an uncaring nature as it is obvious how the animals suffer on several counts.  From the moment they are herded into trucks and travelling bumping around for lengthy journeys without food and water, then herded on to ships squashing them into unfamiliar environments where they are unable to move to reach food and water, where they can suffer severe heat environment as well as giving birth and squashing the baby lamb.
Plus the rolling of the waves causing the animals to bang against each other fall down, causing shock, dehydration, pain and horrendous suffering, killing many animals before they even arrive for the next tortuous chapter, where those that somehow manage to survive the journey will then be herded off in bad health only to be abused and mistreated by persons ignorant of both their journey, or decent care of animals.  Followed by a tortuous death after the hell already experienced by these innocent gentle creatures being abused by ignorant selfish so called civilized people.

Money is NOT a reason under any circumstances for society to condone CRUELTY of creatures with feelings and sensitivities as humans.

The option would be to have refrigerated meat, slaughtered humanely undersupervision in Australia if people have to continue to eat animals.

Personally I will never eat an animal as I could not kill one so would not expect a hit man to do this for me, it would be hypocritical.  I know that it is not necessary to eat animals or kill animals unless euthanized for humane reasons to prevent suffering.

People have been hoodwinked by the meat industry which is just a huge money making venture with much cruelty hidden from the public.

Under no circumstances should Live Exporting be allowed.  The entire process always is extremely traumatic and most times many tortured to death even before arriving at the destination where primitive methods and treatment are used for the poor suffering creatures that have already survived the horrendous ordeal only to suffer  unbelievably disgusting abuse and treatment prior to finally a gruesome death.

It is completely beyond me that a farmer would even consider such horror for the animals they have raised. They would have to be extremely stupid not to realize the suffering these animals incur right from the beginning being herded into trucks and transported for days being bashed around in trucks  away from the quiet field of their natural environmenrt.  Followed by a horrific journey tightly squashed together in a large ship unable to reach food or water.
To be con'd.


Fox and Rabbit slaughter about to occur throughout Australia using a cruel and unproven haemorrhagic virus as is the Ebola virus which killed over 10,000 people since 2014.  

How really stupid, cold and unpleasant can people be.

Would you like to see your own pet dog, cat or rabbit suffer an agonizing death from such a virus? 

So called wild animals are such be cause they are not cared for by humans.  All animals feel pain, cold, hunger, suffering and all respond to care, food, warmth and kindness.   

Feral cats are mainly those abandoned by feral owners and have to get food where they can, no tinned food from Coles or cat biscuits.  

The same with foxes beautiful creatures if cared for driven to kill from starvation.  Why don't we feed them and domesticate them rather than cause  them a horrible death.

Hunger, starvation would cause a human to become feral.

What gutless people in the world coldly sit in their offices or laboratory developing such insidious tools, causing mass suffering to innocent creatures who are part of our world.  

It seems money dictates everything including government policies  regardless of animal cruelty.

Will we be culling the population next with such a virus?

It is time principles were also considered a significant part of an ethical society and religious and government policies considered animal cruelty.


RHDV - or Calicivirus similar to human calicivirus Norovirus.  The attachment factors of RHDV have been proven possible to human cells providing point of entry for RHDV.

Other small animals can also be effected and mutation possibilities are unknown.

Have we evolved to think that making profits from animal cruelty is commendable?

If farmers support such cruelty they shouldn't be farmers.


Mr. Widodo discusses the soft approach to radicalism and terrorists.  A great shame he doesn't and didn't take a soft approach to a primitive death  penalty.  

Now the government is allowing the cruel act of exporting cattle to Indonesia where cruelty is still evident both with people and animals.
An empathy and caring about animals has not yet developed in countries such as PNG and Indonesia.

Any farmer that sends his cattle to Indonesia as life exports should not be a farmer in my eyes.

There should be a line drawn between animal cruelty and desperation for easy money.  There is no need  to send live animals, especially when they will be killed in most often a cruel inconsiderate way causing immense suffering to a gentle humble beast.

Animals not only having to travel frightened and in dreadful conditions but arriving to be slaughtered where people are primitive with their understanding of animal treatment, committing unimaginable and disgusting cruelty.  


Religion is purely thoughts that have been put into our brains at some
stage and we have accepted them without realizing that they are not
reality simply thoughts we believe, just as a child believes in father Christmas.

It is not acceptable in fact disgusting and disgraceful that cruelty is being allowed in a so called civilized society.  Are we going backwards to suit immigrants who still do not understand the crime and weakness of animal cruelty.   These are antiquated and barbaric ideas that have no place in our society.

Is time government spoke up about such disgusting traditions.

We have to teach people that do not understand that CRUELTY IS NOT ACCEPTABLE here in Australia or anywhere in the world and that religious rules are outdated unnecessary and cruel, if we have advanced we do not accept other peoples cruelty, religion or not.   

End all halal and shechita barbaric practices.  They are not acceptable in a civilized society.  

Animals feel just like children, would they do this to children?

There is no need to even eat meat, and certainly no need to allow evil laws in the name of religion or government which allow cruel practice.

Eating meat when we would not kill an animal is hypocritical, but most often people  have genuinely not thought about this and simply take eating animals for granted.

It is the great thinkers of the world that progress and evolve humanity to a higher level.

Here are a few interesting facts to think about.

Eating meat is very unhealthy as well as cruel.

A varied intelligent diet of mixed fruits, veggies, grains, sprouts, nuts, eggs, milk, soy just to name a few, is extremely healthy, takes a bit more effort at first but very few vegetarians or intelligent eaters are overweight.  

Would you take your canary, dog or horse to the slaughter house with no windows and leave them their to be killed with others, amongst the blood and terror or would you kill them and eat them yourself?

According to ecologist David  Pimentel  from Cornell University,  the United States could feed 800 million people with grain presently fed to livestock each year. 

Boost trade balance by $80 billion per year by exporting the grain.

Grain fed cattle consume 100,000 liters of water for every kilogram of food.  Chickens 3,400 liters of water for every kilogram of meat.

In comparison potatoes use 500 liters per kilogram of food,  wheat 900 liters, rice 1,912 and soy 2,000 liters.

Farmers can make huge profits and enjoy better karma by growing horticulture.  

In the USA every year 41 million tons of plant protein is fed to livestock to produce 7 million tons of animal food for humans.

Animal farming is extremely costly in terms of fossil fuel energy.

More than 302 million hectares of land in USA devoted to producing livestock.

There would be no starvation in the world if animals were not eaten.

The world would be healthier, kinder and more evolved.

All creatures with eyes have feelings, awareness and a connection with both humans and animals.  They are like young children dependant on us, how sad we take advantage of this, brutally kill them and eat them when it is not necessary to eat one animal.

So many people do not experiment or understand the enormous variety of exciting healthy meals and food  available without killing animals, which to me is just like killing people and eating them.

So not only is eating meat uneconomical, unnecessary, unkind, causing soil erosion, using fossil fuel energy, taking aware resources, contributing to starvation, using up water and producing bad karma but very unhealthy.

It is not masculine to eat a steak, but weak and cruel, a steak was a humble innocent cow slaughtered and terrified prior to being put on your plate.

It takes a deeper level of thinking to evolve and experience the extraordinary food that can be prepared without eating meat.  

How many wonderful vegetarians are there in the world.  

How does this correlate with weight, health and crime.?

Appx 399 million in India.

USA appx 7.3 million.

Between 2- 4% worldwide.


Global COGS Children's Reading Program providing the tools for a greater future for young children.

Following the principle "Don't give fish to a person but provide the tools for them to fish".

Enabling young children to learn reading and writing skills improves their future work prospects, living standards, marry later, have fewer children whom they can help teach and give a stronger voice in society.

Most people have the desire to do good.  So by becoming a Global force and combining with thousands of others world wide, reinforces and strengthens the power to do more, fulfill projects and make huge changes for the benefit of the world, its ecology, people and all life forms, as well as lend their voice to many important agendas.

Religious and non religious people are welcome as long as they believe in the good principles of improving our world,  non violence,  compassion and humanity.   Your spiritual  worship is  your  private world but all religions can combine and support the same practical compassionate projects and actions.

                                                                             Improving our world.
Save a life and let it soar, rewards to you ten fold and more.
Causing suffering to any life form is an abomination 
and must be stopped through education. 

''Improving our world together.''
Carolyn Hammond.
Author/Health Scientist.

2017 GLOBAL COGS Projects.

Underprivileged Children's Education Program.

Providing the tools to educate underprivileged children worldwide, 
so enhancing opportunities to improve their future and that of the worlds.

Reversal of Age and Disease.  ROAD.

Reversal of Age and Disease.
Diabetes, Prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer, Brain Neuroscience, 
Depression, Nutrition, Life style, Supplements and Meditation.

Education and Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

For purchase of vehicles to collect cats for euthanasia, desex or for homes.

The exemplary Global COGS Award Medal presented for highest achievement in recognition of extraordinary kindness and effort by positive, passionate people making changes in the world, benefiting its ecology, people and all life forms.

In particular for those fighting to prevent cruelty and suffering of any life form and those helping to raise standards of living through education and other means.

MARCH 12th 
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